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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Preparedness Industries, Inc. is an industry-leading disaster preparedness company specializing in retail, distribution, fulfillment and innovation through our family of online ecommerce stores. Our company is committed to constantly delivering the highest levels of products and service to help reduce the impact of disasters.

At Preparedness Industries, Inc., we understand our customer's needs. So when it comes to our specialty, "disaster preparedness", we don't fool around. After all, we've been preparing individuals, families and businesses since 1994. Our main goal has been to offer a vast selection of products to help bring all those in need to a high level of readiness that will help them cope with most any crisis that may befall them. Growing concerns with homeland security along with the heightened awareness of emergency preparedness for natural and man-made disasters has both public and private sectors searching for our service and the thousands of essential items we offer. To date our product line has expanded to offer thousands of unique items thus, fulfilling the needs of International, Federal, State Agencies, School Districts, Nation-Wide, Fortune 500 Companies and Non-Profit Organizations, which have come to rely on us to supply them with the right products and services to compliment their needs. We have helped thousands to prepare and we can help you too!

Service to Customers: We will provide quality products in a timely manner at fair prices, all fulfilled through a professional staff dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Readiness: We maintain a high level of inventory, remain at a high level of order fulfillment readiness, ship promptly, and constantly expand our product offering to further enhance customer expectation.

Service to Each Other: We will foster a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment that encourages individual creative contributions and personal growth, while providing recognition, open communication and respect.

Service to Community: We will give back to the community that surrounds and supports us. We strive to be the driving force within our industry. We will always build our business with eyes on the future, with integrity and customer satisfaction as our foundation, and with the sense of excitement that comes from success. We will work for continuous improvement; and we shall do this ethically and with relationships characterized by mutual trust and accountability within our industry, community and customers.

In the year 1994, Safety Central began as a brick and mortar store located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California with the vision to supply highly sought after, hard-to-find emergency preparedness, earthquake safety, self defense, home health aids and homeland security products, over the years, we have supplied these products to individuals, The Federal Government, State Agencies, Red Cross, FEMA, Public and Private Schools, Institutions, Medical Centers, Corporations, Small Business and various other public and private agencies. As the Internet has grown over the last 17 years, so has our reputation for great customer service and an extensive product line. Our product line has expanded to currently offer over 3000 items, fulfilling the needs of Homemakers to Government agencies, which have come to rely on us to supply them with the right products and services to compliment their needs. Safety Central has been featured in numerous publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Silicon Valley Business Journal, magazine and newspaper articles, books, radio stations and has been profiled in CNN Money, as well as various news broadcasts. Over the years Safety Central has supplied products to the Survivor television series, Bay Watch, the X Files, Kings of Queens television series, and numerous other movie production companies as well as supplied products to many U.S. Embassies, Government agencies and Military bases throughout the United States and abroad as well as universities and medical centers such as Stanford, Harvard, Washington State, Cedars-Sinai, and the Mayo Clinic.

First Understand, Disasters Are Going To Happen

Each year devastating disasters ravage our nation, leaving behind countless victims. Pre-disaster planning can have a dramatic impact on minimizing the tragedy and suffering, resulting in a more efficient and coordinated (none panicked) response, and will save lives. Now is the time to prepare for these conditions. Do not wait until it is too late. And, do not be fooled into thinking that only other people are affected. Remember terrorist attacks, tsunamis, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fires, biohazard material spills, radiological, nuclear device detonations, biological and toxic chemical accidents or attacks can happen because of a large number of factors, most beyond your control, how well you plan, prepare and response to those situations will determine how well and if you and your family will survive them.

Most of us would consider it foolish to be without insurance coverage for our homes, cars, health and lives. How much less important is a survival plan? Remember during and immediately after a major disaster, you and your family may very well be on your own for over 72 hours without any assistance from outside services. Don’t get caught unprepared, be sensible, be safe, be prepared!

At Safety Central you will find a variety of personal security products such as emergency supplies and kits, first aid kits, medical supplies, health aids, home safety, evacuation equipment, self-reliant living items, survival gear, self-defense, homeland preparedness, search & rescue gear, and camping equipment that will help prepare your family to survive. Many of these items are suggested on the basis of real-life possible needs and also for their quality, compactness, and simplicity of use, reliability and portability. We have also offered many home based safety items that you should keep on hand at all times. We'll be happy to work with you in developing a preparedness plan which will meet your goals and budget!

Why Prepare?

This day and age, the nature of preparedness has changed. Disasters or major emergencies can strike suddenly, unexpectedly and anywhere! No longer is it enough to just keep the 72 hours of supplies available for your home and office. Nowadays, if you're not entirely self-reliant, you're not prepared. Today, the front line of emergency preparedness needs to be where you or your loved ones may be at any given time.

Disasters Strike Without Warning

No matter who you are, no matter what city or town you live in, you can be touched or devastated by a violent crime, terrorist attack or a disaster. You cannot afford to ignore the facts, your life and the life of your loved ones may depend on it! You hear about them on TV, the internet and in newspapers everyday, it's no secret earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, snow storms, tsunamis, economic recessions, civil unrest, riots, terrorist threats either by chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons, or assaults on our infrastructure such as drinking water, air, transportation systems, workplaces and even our own homes are at risk. Many of these events are happening with increasing frequency! Weapons are readily available to those wishing to do as much harm as possible to as many people as possible and even sacrificing there own lives in the process. Our own department of homeland security, military, FBI, CIA, NSA and police forces are scrambling to secure our airports, borders, and U.S. territory from terrorist threats that have already killed thousands of people to date! Our nation still mourns the tragic loss of those innocent victims who fell on 9-11. U.S. government officials have warned us that we will see more terrorist attacks; it’s not if, it’s when! Many tell us that we do not need gas mask and evacuation equipment yet most if not all of them have this equipment readily available! While our security forces are aware of these problems they don’t seem to have the resources available to battle those determined to inflict devastating damage upon us!

Prepare Before Disaster Strikes

In a major disaster you may very well be on you own for at lease a few days, probably longer. We all must take responsibility for our own family’s safety. Your top priority, perhaps the single most important decision to make for there protection before disaster strikes is to plan ahead and be prepared. You must have essential supplies on hand prior to an emergency, the time to acquire them is now, ready to use before you need them, by doing so You can greatly increase your chance of survival. Most of the real tragedy and suffering strike those caught unprepared. It’s a fact that those caught unprepared always panic. It is wise and prudent to have the essential supplies on hand and not need them, rather than not have them and need them! By being prepared you will be in a better position to help others and stay out of harms way!

We Can Help You and Your Family Prepare

Safety Central is your best source for low cost online purchasing of first aid and 5 year shelf life food rations, freeze dried camping food meals, 72 hour emergency kits for action, adventure, outdoor gear, homeland security alerts.

Be prepared with government recommended pandemic supplies and prepare for h5n1 avian bird flu, climate change, avalanche, blizzard, crisis, terrorist attack, tornado, tsunami, major disaster, firestorm, heat wave, earthquake, hurricane, severe weather, flood, anthrax, hazardous chemical accidents or other emergencies.

We have automotive tow ropes, aqua blox boxed emergency drinking water, water storage containers, packaged food and water rations, automobile safety and roadside emergency kits, emergency preparedness backpacks, dynamo radios, long life batteries, power outage lights, emergency blankets, medical, trauma burn kits, camping gear and supplies, mil spec and civilian sandbags, military gear, battery powered fans, cooling bandanas, hand warmers and more. signaling supplies for inshore and offshore boating, emergency checklists, classroom preparedness supplies and kits, comprehensive deluxe 72 hour kits, emergency food storage supplies, MRE's and complete freeze dried food storage systems.

Whatever disaster you prepare for in your region, we have the disaster kit & disaster preparedness supplies for everything on your disaster preparedness checklist. If you believe in being prepared for doomsday, drought, or other catastrophe, rest assured that our website, online preparedness and survival store can prepare you with drinking water, duct tape, tarps, rolls of plastic barrier, dust masks, N95 masks, emergency candles, emergency first aid, emergency food, emergency food rations, and effective emergency instructions. We are your emergency survival kit supply source!

We offer FEMA and Red Cross recommended supplies for fire, such as fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher mounting brackets, AAA recommended road flares and flat tire fixer in a can, C.E.R.T. supplies including food rations, food bars, water pouches, water containers, food storage supplies, food storage containers, and CERT gear. If you are concerned about homeland security, you can find every conceivable homeland security product, from jumper cables to light sticks. You won't go hungry with our MRE's, meals ready to eat on hand, and a comprehensive medical kit will help you mend your wounds.

Whether a natural disaster like el Niño, global warming or a foreign terrorist threat, keep a Readyworks™, DisasterSafe™ or QuakeSaver™ emergency supply kit, on hand, and don't forget the special items like a pocket sized poncho, a port a potty for hygiene and disease control, potassium iodide, and other essential preparedness supplies. An ounce of prevention, like storage of purified water, portable water purifier filter for an earthquake or natural disaster, hand crank radios to communicate and learn what emergency services are available, basic rations for your emergency pack, and overall readiness, can prepare you and your loved ones or coworkers to ride out the 72 hour or longer period as recommended while awaiting rescue.

For your vehicle, always have an emergency roadside kit on hand with road flares, rope, survial pack, and general safety supplies, maybe a safety vest, wool blanket, emergency blanket, pocket knife, solar radio, LED flashlight, spot light, waterproof poncho, whistle, waterproof matches, etc.

Make sure your kids are safe with our school emergency kits and school emergency first aid supplies. School kits should include the basic food, water, first aid, communication, sanitary, and heating/shelter supplies, and the school (like your workplace) should be prepared with adequate search and rescue kits, security, and supplies with adequate shelf life. Check back at our online survival store regularly for our specials like solar powered flashlights and radios, and see our seasonal specials on survival kits, and survival supplies.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our survival tips, and look for new items each month such as our U.S. Coast Guard Approved survival food and U.S. Coast Guard approved first aid kits. Also Visit the USGS for earthquake information, and learn about volcanic threats, volcanoes are as likely a threat in the US now as war, so think of the essential needs like Water in a sealed water barrel, portable plastic water container, water preserver or water purifier, waterproof containers for clothing and shelter items, and other common, yet hard to find wilderness survival, winter storm, flash flood safety kits, products and supplies - We'll be here when you are ready to prepare! Many of our products are sold at better than wholesale price to the Public with a huge selection of manufacturer direct safety products. Our family of online companies has better purchasing power and is able to pass the savings on to you, our customer.