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Eurosealer™ Hand-Held Bag Sealer As Seen On TV

Item #:R2S17LCB1

Eurosealer™ Hand-Held Bag Sealer As Seen On TV

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Eurosealer™ Hand-Held Bag Sealer As Seen On TV

The amazing new sealer that creates an airtight seal that locks in freshness so food lasts longer. Simply slide Euro Sealer along the edge of any bag and it’s sealed airtight. It’s that easy. Everytime you open it food taste like it just came fresh from the store. Once, twice, every time!

The secret is Euro Sealer’s micro thermal technology. It creates a seal so airtight, even water won’t leak. Amazing! Don’t waste money on spoiled food. Don’t waste money on spilled food. Use what you need and seal up the rest. Euro Sealer keeps cereal crunchy, chips crispy, vegetables fresh and deli meat as delicious as the day it was sliced.

One week later, salad stored with a twist tie bag is brown and slimy. But salad sealed with Euro Sealer is green and fresh. With Euro Sealer you’ll save a bundle buying bulk at warehouse clubs. And it’s magnetic surface attaches easily to the refrigerator so it is always handy.

Use it outdoors, it seals the heaviest bag airtight. Even a 20-lb. bag of soil won’t spill. Keep bottles from leaking when you travel and more! An electric sealer costs over $200 and you have to buy special bags. Euro Sealer does the same thing. Best of all it uses the original bag.

You’ll save that the very first week you use it. This offer is not available in stores. So don’t delay sealer the deal and order today.

Many of the food items that you store can become exposed to air, oxygen, causing decay, loss of mineral content, change of color, taste, and the contamination of the food from various bacteria. The Eurosealer™ prevents this by sealing many different types of plastic and foil-type bags airtight. Battery operated, batteries not included. Includes built-in bag cutter.

• Reduces the spoilage of food

• Helps maintain vitamin and mineral content

• Keeps food fresher, longer

• Battery operated

• includes built-in bag cutter